Big-Height Escalator

Products Mode: HCCM/HCDM
Type: CDM
Step Width: 600mm/800mm/1000mm
Installation: Indoor/Ourdoor
Rated Speed: 0.5m/s~0.75m/s
Arrangement: Single/Parallel
Load Capacity: 9000 Persons/Hour
Horizontal Steps: 3/4 Steps
Certification: CE
Delivery Time: 25~45 Days
Original of Country: China

Main Information: Higher,longer,design for your modern request.

Safety Features:
Broken drive-chain contact
Skirting contact
Handrail entrance contact
Broken step-chain contact
Working brake
Phase sensor
Step sag contact
Manitenance locking device
Motor overload and overheat contact
Comb contact
Step gap illumination
Motor speed sensor
Static brush
Static contact
Emergency stop button
Main drive-chain contact
Bell Ring
Over speed sensor
Under speed sensor
Reversal prevent
Short circuit contact
Auto lubrication
Handrail speed sensor
Skirting Brush
Diffuse Photoelectric Device
Anti-skid device

Main Specification

1Installation siteIndoor/Outdoor 1.jpg
2Step width(mm)600/800/1000/1200/1400

Horizontal step

5Installation length(mm)According to standard drwaing
6Angle30° /35° 
7Motor power5.5KW/8KW/11KW/2*11KW/2*15KW
8Start typeVVVF/Photocell/By key
9Gear box brandSiemens(Flender)Torin
11Step materialStainless steel/Aluminum
12Step demarcation

With 2 sides demarcations
     With 3 sides demarcations
     Yellow Plastic/      
     Painted yellow

13Logo on landing plateBrand"User"/Conai

Optional functions

1Comb lighting at both entrance(LED)Yes/No 1.jpg
2Skirting lighting LEDYes/No
3Handrail lighting LEDYes/No

VVVF/Frequency inverter

5Outside claddingNo/Painted steel/S.S304/S.S430/S.S316
6Cladding thickenss1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm

Electrical schematic

NO.Element codeNameSpecificationPosition
1TC1Working transformerBK150 380V/110V/8V 
2TC2Lighting trasformerBK100 220V/36V 
3QS1Main power switch  
4KPHSequence relaySTEP SW-11 
5KMUUpper run contactLC1-D   AC110V 
6KMDLower run contactLC1-D   AC110V 
7UFCFrequency convectorV-700 
8KMTHigh speed contactLC1-D AC110V 
9KC1Operation contactLC1-D AC110V 
10KCSafety circuit contactLC1-D AC110V 
11FRTMotor heat protect relay3UA59-2E 
12FRT1Motor heat protect relay3UA59-2E 
14FU1-FU4FusePS101 2A、2A、2A、10A、2A 
15KZYAdditional brake contactLC1-D AC110V 
16KCCUnintentional reverse contactLC1-D AC110V 
17KCBUnintentional reverse self-maintain  
18KSI-UTwo hole socketZSG-16 
19KSI-DTwo hole socketZSG-16 
20KSZ-DTwo hole socketZSG-16 
21KSZ-UTwo hole socketZSG-16 
22SXI-UMaintenance socketWS/WP-9A 
23SXI-DMaintenance socketWS/WP-9A 
24SPI-UMaintenance additional plugWS/WP-9A 
25SPI-DMaintenance additional plugWS/WP-9A 
26IUUpper controller emergency stopPCB-CR11 
27IDLower controller emergency stopPCB-CR11 
28DFBuzzerUC-75 AC220V/AC110V 
29DF1BuzzerUC-75 AC220V/AC110V 
30TPBVoltage constant powerS-35-24 
31RC1-RC7Electric arc extinguish deviceHD1 211 

NO.Element codeNameSpecificationPosition
32KMBWorking brake contactLC1-D   AC110V 
33KMCOperation contactLC1-D   AC110V 
34RBBrake resistance1K 72Ω 
35KXFFire protection relayMY4N DC24V 
36KJRHeating relayLC1-D   AC110V 
37PEEarth wire end16*2+4*6 
38KCRWater position checking relayCKC-CJKACHJ-C61F 
39QF6Mechanical unintetional reverseDZ47 1P 3A 
40DDZTermjnal endUK-10N 
41XDZTermjnal endUK-2  5B 
42MWorking brake三相AC380 
43M1Working brake三相AC380 
44MTMain drive三相AC380 
45MT1Main drive三相AC380 
46JUZLubrication deviceVERSA 
47XJBMaintenance boxJX-04 
48DUUpper stop switchLAY33 14 
49DDLower stop switchLAY33 14 
50SR ST-UUpper key switchASWS SK 20E 
51SR ST-DLower key switchASW3 3K 20E 
52EULUpper step gap lightingAC220V 20W 
53EDLLower step gap lightingAC220V 20W 
54CSO、CS1Step speed monijtoring deviceHDL-M30-15NAB 
55CS2、CS3Handrail speed monitoring deviceTK12NC4C 
56CS4、CS5Light sensorBA2M-DDT 
57SUUpper run button in the maintenance boxPCB-CR01 
58SDLower run button in the maintenance boxPCB-CR01 
59SQRunning button in the maintenance boxPCB-CR01 
60STStop button in the maintenance boxPCB-CR11 
61EFUUpper traffice lightTGF100 
62EFULower traffice lightTGF100 

NO.Element codeNameSpecificationPosition
63TCFHandrail lighting transformerYGD-5 
64TCWSkirt lighting transformerYGD-5 
65EF1Handrail lighting  
66EW1Skirt lighting  
67EUIUpper comb lightingSCD-02 
68EDILower comb lightingSCD-02 
69SRTHeating switchLAY33 14 
70SRQHeating deviceLAY-Y 
71RJR1-NOperational contactGAA615F3 
72KUPUpper running monitoring relayMY4N AC110V 
73KUDLower running monitoring relayMY4N AC110V 
74KSTAuto-running monitoring relayMY4N AC110V 
75SKPMaintenance monitoring relayMY4N AC110V 
76ZPQWorking brakeAC220V 
77ZPQ1Working brakeAC220V 
78KZDAdditional brakeDC110V 

Schematic drawing name:Componet list
Schematic drawing code:D10C604