Elevator Safety Parts Anti-Virus Light Intelligent UV Sterilization Lamp

Place of Origin: China
Application: Elevator
Colors: White
Certification: CE
Rated Power: 16W
Effective Area: 8m³
Intelligent sterilize lamp is professional to sterilize in elevator car, and also can sterilize at home kitchen and bathroom.
FOB Price: $85
Port: Ningbo
Min. Order: 2
Payment: T/T
1Type of UV tubeHot-cathode ultraviolet ozone-free medical grade UV tube, wavelength 254nm
2Working voltage/frequency190-250VAC/50-60 Hz
3Rated power of sterilize lamp16W
4Effective sterilize area8m³
5Working temperature/humidity-20~40ºC/<80% RH
6UV tube life8,000 hours or ≥10,000 times (on  off)
7Power module life3 years or ≥1,000,000 times (on  off)
8Object sensor detection range≈5 m (without occlusion)
9Switch off action time0.15 seconds


When the sterilize lamp first power on, the UV tube() will work for three seconds, it means the UV tubes are good and ready to work.
Three LED indicators()  in front of the sterilize lamp will flash one by one, it means indicators are good and ready to work. 
The built-in buzzer in the sterilize lamp will give a 3-second beep, it means main control board is good and ready to work.
The LED indicator()of the sterilize lamp will keep on, it means the sterilize lamp is powered on.

uv sterilizer.jpg


1.Installation Position: The sterilize lamp should mounted on the top corner of elevator car. (Keep 50mm distance under the ceiling for wiring and installation.) We suggest install the lamp facing towards the button control box (figure 2).

2.The arrangement of wire has two paths: through elevator car wall (figure 3), through Car Ceiling (figure 4).

Installation steps

1.According to the position marked in Figure 2,First determine arrangement of wire go through the car wall (Figure 3),or go through ceiling (Figure 4).

If go through elevator car wall (Figure 3) , make a hole on the left side of elevator car wall(Figure 5), 130mm from the elevator ceiling and 40mm from another wall, diameter 10mm(Figure 6).

If wire go through car ceiling, no hole required.

uv sterilizer 2.jpg

The lamp hanger should be mounted in the corner of elevator car wall. Make 2 install hole at 185mm from ceiling (figure8) and 94mm form corner (figure 7).Mount lamp hanger by screws.

You also can use 3M double side adhesive tape to mount the lamp hanger.

Connect the wire, hang on the sterilize lamp. Power on (figure 9).

uv sterilizer 3.jpg

Intelligent sterilize lamp set include 

Sterilize lamp 1 piece (including 4W UV tubes 3 pieces)
Metal hanger
Fixing screws 2 sets
User Manual 1 piece.