Escalator Handrail UV Sterilizer

Place of Origin: China
Application: Escalator
Certification: CE
Rated Voltage: DC24V
Rated Current: <150mA
Radiation Intensity: >45uw/Cm2(@15mm)
Wavelength Range: 270~285nm
UVC sterilization lamp is used for industrial, residence, commercial and enterprise. The local climate conditions should meet the requirements of the operating environment. This lamp needs to be installed and used by professionals, which the EMC knowledge and experience is not necessary.
Port: Ningbo
Min. Order: 2
Payment: T/T





Exploded Drawings for Components


Installation Step

• The UVC sterilization lamp is installed inside an escalator. Choose an available space where the lamp can be fixed in handrail system.
• Put the reflector of lamp go through the handrail, which makes the luminous surface of lamo faces to the handra.

• Choose a suitable installation bracket, and fix the lamp into the target position.
Adjust the lamp via two installation holes of bracket, and be sure the distance between thelandrail and lamp is 10-15mm, which brings the best sterilization effect.