Residential Elevator Cheap Price Small Home Elevator

2-4 Person Residential Elevator Cheap Price Manufacturing Small Home Elevator

CONAI villa elevator applies the highly intergrated intellectual control system with the smooth brake and low noise. The car is of the diverse and flexible design .It can combine with any style of indoor home decoration into one. It not only elevates the construction image, but also creates a bright and charming travel space for the owners.

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Five advantages of the human design

Environmental protection and energy-saving :
It uses 220V or 380V voltage. Its power consumption is equal to that of a refrigerator.
The product features :
No construction well, it is attractive and confortable .
The applicable occasions :
Different and structures of the villas .
Style outline :
It suits all kinds of the decoration styles .
Drive mode :
Both traction drive and hydraulic drive.

Home elevator carbinet

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