China Supplier Warehouse Cargo Lift Freight Hydraulic Elevator

China Supplier Warehouse Cargo Lift Freight Hydraulic Elevator

CONAI hydraulic lift owns the systematic equipments and technical development platforms. In segmenting the end markets, we find that in recent years, hydraulic lift has very extensive applications in the enterprise, factory house, warehouse, logistics center, supermarket, parking lot, bus station, airport etc. Based upon the situation, CONAI effectively combines mass production with special manufacture according to different requirements out of medium and high end markets. It devotes itself to.

Shaft Layout

Travelling height (m)Rated capa city (kg)Speed (m/s)Net size of carNet door sizeNet size hoistwayPit depthOverhead heightMachine room sizeOpening mode
≤1510000.51300*2300*22001100*21002500*2600150040003000*3500*2500double-folded side opening
≤1530000.252400*3000*22002000*21003700*3600170045003000*3500*2500Double-folded centeropening four-leaf

Note: Regarding specific size, please take the construction layout drawing while signing the construct as criterion.

CONAI hydraulic elevator advantages:
• It is safe and reliable for the hydraulic lift running. Even if there is any power interruption or anything wrong withthe power supply, it can still stably lower down the car to the neighboring floor before opening the door.

• It can be placed in any position near the well .As it only needs 4m to 5m for the machine room area, it adopt the un-utilized area as the machine room.

• The lift hydraulic power system pump , motor, control valveset etc .have been set inside the hydraulic oil tank. Itintegrates the hydraulic pump station into a whole. It designs the oil pump and motorinto the oil submerged work mode .Iteffectively improves noise in the lift running process.