Small Machine Room Passenger Lift

US $7000.00 - US $12000.00


Conai OEM/ODM Small Machine Room Passenger Lift 6-21 Person Elevator

CONAI small machine room passenger lift machine room only has 65%-70% of the traditional machine room .It greatly saves the building space and material .Control cabinet in machine room is designed into single-face inspection layout .The host bearing beam can also be used an hitch plate .It largely saves the machine room space .Compared with the traditional lifts ,under the premise of ensuring the repairers' operation space which is stipulated by the national standard ,it effectively controls the room .The intensive space effect grants more freedom for the architects .It expands the larger space utilization to the construction ,perfectly merges the well space with th architectural style.

Crastal Elevator Configuration Table

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Small Machine Rome Passenger Lift Shaft Layout

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Passenger elevator carbinet

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