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CONAI as a Professional Components provider of elevator and escalators, we totally understand what is most important for elevator and escalator customers, original parts, and quickly answer, we have...
*More than 16 year's industry experience in the elevator and escalator
*5 branches in the world
*Cooperating with distributors in 49 countries
*Own more than 9819+ items of spare parts
*100% on-time delivery
*6 hours quickly response
We pride ourselves on providing satisfying solutions to our customers and strive to excel in meeting their needs and expectations.
Whether you require parts for your Elevator, Escalator, Travelator, or Moving Walk; We can offer the help. We stock a comprehensive array of parts from numerous Elevator and Escalator Manufacturers, and if we do not have the item you require in stock, we will do our utmost to source the part and provide the best possible cost.Delivery can be arranged to Global addresses.Come to talk to us!

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