Capacity Passenger Lift Royal Passenger Elevator

Conai OEM/ODM 320kg - 1600kg Capacity Passenger Lift Royal Passenger Elevator

We know very well about the loss reduction and energy-saving, environmental protection ideas for machine roomless residential lifts. With great improving on design freedom of motion & full expressing on green humanities. We endeavor to save the building area, enhance the freedom in design, full display a green and human concept. Compared with same loading level geared lift, Machine roomless residential lifts can save 25% of the electricity 10% of the building area. Machine roomless residential lift breaks through the premise that every lift needs to have a machine room. Residential lifts offers an infinitely inventive possibility for the limited space in the modern constructions.

Royal Elevator Configuration Table

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Shaft Layout

Note: Regarding specific size, please take the construction layout drawing while signing the construct as criterion.

Passenger elevator carbinet

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