Big-Height Escalator

commercial escalator Big-Height Escalator

Main Information: Higher,longer,design for your modern request
Type: CDM
Step Width: 600mm/800mm/1000mm
Installation: Indoor/Ourdoor
Rated Speed: 0.5m/s~0.75m/s
Arrangement: Single/Parallel
Load Capacity: 9000 Persons/Hour
Horizontal Steps: 3/4 Steps
Certification: CE
Delivery Time: 25~45 Days
Original of Country: China

Main Specification

Installation siteIndoor/Outdoor
Step width(mm)600/800/1000/1200/1400

Horizontal step

Installation length(mm)According to standard drwaing
Angle30° /35° 
Motor power5.5KW/8KW/11KW/2*11KW/2*15KW
Start typeVVVF/Photocell/By key
Gear box brandSiemens(Flender)Torin
Step materialStainless steel/Aluminum
Step demarcation

With 2 sides demarcations
With 3 sides demarcations
Yellow Plastic/      
 Painted yellow

Logo on landing plateBrand"User"/Conai

Optional functions

Comb lighting at both entrance(LED)Yes/No
Skirting lighting LEDYes/No
Handrail lighting LEDYes/No

VVVF/Frequency inverter

Outside claddingNo/Painted steel/S.S304/S.S430/S.S316
Cladding thickenss1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm

Electrical schematic

Schematic drawing name:Componet list
Schematic drawing code:D10C604

NO.Element codeNameSpecification
1TC1Working transformerBK150 380V/110V/8V
2TC2Lighting trasformerBK100 220V/36V
3QS1Main power switch
4KPHSequence relaySTEP SW-11
5KMUUpper run contactLC1-D   AC110V
6KMDLower run contactLC1-D   AC110V
7UFCFrequency convectorV-700
8KMTHigh speed contactLC1-D AC110V
9KC1Operation contactLC1-D AC110V
10KCSafety circuit contactLC1-D AC110V
11FRTMotor heat protect relay3UA59-2E
12FRT1Motor heat protect relay3UA59-2E
14FU1-FU4FusePS101 2A、2A、2A、10A、2A
15KZYAdditional brake contactLC1-D AC110V
16KCCUnintentional reverse contactLC1-D AC110V
17KCBUnintentional reverse self-maintain
18KSI-UTwo hole socketZSG-16
19KSI-DTwo hole socketZSG-16
20KSZ-DTwo hole socketZSG-16
21KSZ-UTwo hole socketZSG-16
22SXI-UMaintenance socketWS/WP-9A
23SXI-DMaintenance socketWS/WP-9A
24SPI-UMaintenance additional plugWS/WP-9A
25SPI-DMaintenance additional plugWS/WP-9A
26IUUpper controller emergency stopPCB-CR11
27IDLower controller emergency stopPCB-CR11
28DFBuzzerUC-75 AC220V/AC110V
29DF1BuzzerUC-75 AC220V/AC110V
30TPBVoltage constant powerS-35-24
31RC1-RC7Electric arc extinguish deviceHD1 211

NO.Element codeNameSpecification
32KMBWorking brake contactLC1-D   AC110V
33KMCOperation contactLC1-D   AC110V
34RBBrake resistance1K 72Ω
35KXFFire protection relayMY4N DC24V
36KJRHeating relayLC1-D   AC110V
37PEEarth wire end16*2+4*6
38KCRWater position checking relayCKC-CJKACHJ-C61F
39QF6Mechanical unintetional reverseDZ47 1P 3A
40DDZTermjnal endUK-10N
41XDZTermjnal endUK-2  5B
42MWorking brake三相AC380
43M1Working brake三相AC380
44MTMain drive三相AC380
45MT1Main drive三相AC380
46JUZLubrication deviceVERSA
47XJBMaintenance boxJX-04
48DUUpper stop switchLAY33 14
49DDLower stop switchLAY33 14
50SR ST-UUpper key switchASWS SK 20E
51SR ST-DLower key switchASW3 3K 20E
52EULUpper step gap lightingAC220V 20W
53EDLLower step gap lightingAC220V 20W
54CSO、CS1Step speed monijtoring deviceHDL-M30-15NAB
55CS2、CS3Handrail speed monitoring deviceTK12NC4C
56CS4、CS5Light sensorBA2M-DDT
57SUUpper run button in the maintenance boxPCB-CR01
58SDLower run button in the maintenance boxPCB-CR01
59SQRunning button in the maintenance boxPCB-CR01
60STStop button in the maintenance boxPCB-CR11
61EFUUpper traffice lightTGF100
62EFULower traffice lightTGF100

NO.Element codeNameSpecification
63TCFHandrail lighting transformerYGD-5
64TCWSkirt lighting transformerYGD-5
65EF1Handrail lighting
66EW1Skirt lighting
67EUIUpper comb lightingSCD-02
68EDILower comb lightingSCD-02
69SRTHeating switchLAY33 14
70SRQHeating deviceLAY-Y
71RJR1-NOperational contactGAA615F3
72KUPUpper running monitoring relayMY4N AC110V
73KUDLower running monitoring relayMY4N AC110V
74KSTAuto-running monitoring relayMY4N AC110V
75SKPMaintenance monitoring relayMY4N AC110V
76ZPQWorking brakeAC220V
77ZPQ1Working brakeAC220V
78KZDAdditional brakeDC110V