Double-Arc Moving Walk
moving walk moving side walk escalator moving walk elevator

Main Information: Made with advanced technology and the best materials, it is a perfect solution for busy airports.
Type: CDM
Step Width: 600mm/800mm/1000mm
Installation: Indoor/Ourdoor
Rated Speed: 0.5m/s~0.75m/s
Arrangement: Single/Parallel
Load Capacity: 9000 Persons/Hour
Horizontal Steps: 3/4 Steps
Certification: CE
Delivery Time: 25~45 Days
Original of Country: China

Configuration option

Installation siteIndoor/Outdoor
Pallet material800mm/1000mm

Pallet demarcation

Stainless steel/Aluminum
Rise(mm)2 sides/4 sides plastic or painted demarcation
AngleUp to 6m
Motor brand10° /11° /12° 
Motor powerJIALI
Start type5.5KW/8KW/11KW/15KW
Gear box brandBy key
Step materialSingle/Parallel/Duplex
Logo on landing plateBrand“User”/Conai
Handrail colorBlue/Green/Grey/Red/Orange
Direction indicatorYes/No

Automatic start/stop

Handrail illuminationYes/No
Comb lightingYes/No
Skirting panel lightingYes/No
Outside claddingPainted steel/SUS430/SUS304
Fault display storageYes/No

Construction sketch