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5000 - 8000kg High Capacity Freight Elevator Warehouse Cargo Lift

5000 - 8000Kg High Capacity Freight Elevator Warehouse Cargo Lift

CONAI freight lift combines vast world' s leading technologies into one. It executes all the current national standards such as GB7588. The Lift Manufacture & Installation Safety Standard"etc. It has the advantages such as safe, reliable, high structural strength, durable, smooth travel, large door width, high cost performance and so on.. No matter in the factory, shopping center or wharf etc., it always provides you with the stable and excellent services by high sense of responsibility and the consummate technology. The company adopts the world's advanced VVVF drive control technology. The advanced vector control ensures that passengers and goods are as smooth and comfortable as that in the passenger lifts. Its diverse specifications of loading capacity also rank high in the world ..It is an ideal choice for vast factories, warehouses ,department stores, supermarkets ,shopping centers and housing property management centers etc. to deliver the goods.
5000 - 8000kg High Capacity Freight Elevator Warehouse Cargo Lift

Shaft Layout
5000 - 8000kg High Capacity Freight Elevator Warehouse Cargo Lift

NO.Rated capa city (kg/person)Speed (m/s)Net size of carNet door sizeNet size hoistwayPit depthOverhead heightMachine room sizeOpening mode
16300.51100*1500*2200900*21002000*2100140042003000*3000*2200double-folded side opening
530000.52200*2700*22001800*21003300*3300170045003800*4200*2400Double-folded centeropening four-leaf

Note: Regarding specific size, please take the construction layout drawing while signing the construct as criterion.

5000 - 8000kg High Capacity Freight Elevator Warehouse Cargo Lift
5000 - 8000kg High Capacity Freight Elevator Warehouse Cargo Lift