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Series A — Imaginary

Practical and simple home lift

Simple and pure design, standard carbin with the same color parts , the landing door with simple touch button, without complex decoration, in order to meet the choice of customers who pursue economy and practicality.

The reasons of installing lift


1. Prepare for the future

2. There are old people with limited mobility


Each elevator is equipped with an advanced control system, and the intelligent control system brings you a comfortable ladder effect.

Smart touch panel and call ladder buttons;

Built-in lock ladder function, LED light, handrail, energy-saving function;

Multi-beam light curtain (anti-pinch function)

In order to make it safe for anyone to use, we have further improved the safety function of preventing door leaves from being clamped. With the industry's most advanced infrared sensor, sense from the floor of 10mm-1800mm range. When using a wheelchair to enter and exit or take the stairs with children, it can be opened without to touch the closed door leaf, thus preventing it from being clamped.

3. Above the first floor is the living center

4. It is not convenient to carrying things

Comfortable design, fully functional


Comprehensive security configuration

Extended opening time function


You can set the time when the elevator door is open, which will be convenient when used by the elderly and wheelchair users, as well as when carrying luggage.

You can set 6 call numbers, press the button when the elevator is sleepy, and the 6 call numbers are automatically dialed in a loop until they are connected.

Emergency contact system

Rescue operations

In the event of a temporary failure during operation, as long as the safety system does not act, the elevator will automatically run to the lowest floor to reduce the elevator shutdown failure with people inside.

Idle return base station function

When there are no internal instructions and floor station calls over the set time, the elevator automatically returns to the set berthing ladder base station to wait for passengers



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2B champagne gold stainless steel

2B champagne gold stainless steel (window type)

MAC sand stainless steel (window type)

Black titanium sandblasted stainless steel (window type)

Black titanium sandblasted stainless steel

Lightning dark grey

New castle grey

Victoria (bright)

Arabescato Golden

Armani light grey

Intelligent mood lighting Through the specially developed intelligent screen, the lighting effect can be set in the background wall and inside the well. You can preset the light colors of day and night in advance, and you can also use the smart screen to change them at any time Lighting effect, so that the family atmosphere can also be warm and colorfu  

More material and color 



Safe, transparent, body forming transparent car wall Excellent weather resistance, strong adaptability to the natural environment, even if a long time under the sun, it will not make its performance change, good anti-aging performance, excellent light transmission performance, can also be used at ease outdoors.  

The excellent toughness of acrylic makes it can be processed into a variety of shapes

Between the inches Variety of collocation  



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